Muslims constitute a considerable portion of the world population and the global markets and the food and beverage consumption is one of the most important issues with which they are faced. Therefore, the present survey has been conducted to design Halal food model given that no model has been found in previous studies based on Quran-the most significant religious source of Muslims. Grounded method is used for data collection given to nonexistence of a considerable background and that the survey is qualitative. Primary variables of the above model include preliminaries of Halal food consumption, Halal food consumption, the expected results of Halal food consumption, evaluation and feedback, national environment, international culture, foreign environment and expected behaviors. Statesmen, consumers, manufacturers and researchers are four groups who could enjoy results of the survey. 


Ali Nejatbakhsh Esfahani, Ali Shahnazari  
Department of Management , Economics & Accounting , Payame  Noor University,
Resource : J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res., 3(2)574-578, 2013

Document :Research_3(2)574-578, 2013.pdf

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