In order to keep halal meat halal and not being judged as haram, a good logistics system is necessary. The International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHI) has produced a logistical standard

(IHIAS,2009) which is based on best practise from the logistical point of view. Halal and non-halal should be completely separate from each other. This is based on three assumptions
The consumer perception has not yet been integrated in this standard and can have a lot of impact on how halal logistics is being operated. At the moment the IHIAS (2009) produced a
minimum and a preferred standard, which is developed as a foundation for standards in Muslim and non-Muslim countries.
The research objective is to try to clarify what the perception of the Muslim consumer is towards halal logistics and the implications it could have for the physical distribution of halal
Credit : R.R. Bruil, University of Twente, The Netherlands and
Document : Logistic.pdf