Halal food consumers are now more aware and concern about the integrity of Halal status and also curious about all the activities involved along the supply chain whether the products that they purchased were truly Halal all the way. Even though the issue of Halal integrity have been widely highlighted in the existing Halal industry publications, the factors affecting the integrity of Halal food supply chain is yet to be discussed well in the current publications.

This concept paper will discuss factors such as Halal certification, Halal standard, Halal traceability, Halal dedicated assets, trust among supply chain members, commitment of supply chain members; and role of government, in enhancing the integrity of Halal food supply chain in the current complex food trade scenario. It is hoped that this paper will create the proper awareness and better understanding of the importance of protecting the Halal integrity of the food products. Further empirical studies can be carried out to test the relationship between the factors and also uncover other factors that can help in enhancing the Halal integrity.

Credit : INHAC 2012, Kuala Lumpur International Halal Conference, Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4-5 September 2012 and http://www.thehalalfood.info
Document : SCM.pdf