What is Halal? Why halal

Halal is? Why halal

Halal is an Arabic word meaning when used in the general religious. Dogs that are drug What religion approve such approval to eat. Approval of the options granted approval to make a living as Halal is a term that means the opposite of the word "Haram" with a general sense that the ban, and when used in a religious meaning. What religion banned

Any approval Do not put anything or Islamic edict from Allah the Lord. And of His Messenger only. Is of primary importance that every Muslim must adhere strictly without finding a reason for approval. Or reason to ban it. When God is not listed Because Muslims have faith that the Lord is good to have the benefit of what God forbid something as devastating and harmful. God created man knows what is and is harmful to humans. Approved what is prohibited and what is the penalty.

Part of the reason the man discovered that there are advantages in the religious authorization. The downside to the religious ban. The Lord is not listed and quoted as the only ingredient, not the main priority. Because the human discovery may change the decree of God is immortal unchanged.

When the Islamic regime in the life of a Muslim is a Muslim's life from birth to death, religious affiliation eternity. All actions must be carried out within the framework of the Muslim religion in each case both ties. Between man and God Humans And between humans and animals Muslims must be ruthless animals. The confined animal feeding cast into hell. Bullying bullies animals Must be taken to heaven before the Lord. Slaughtering animals is what religion is subject to approval under the butchered for food. Animals do not commit torture With a sharp knife to slice. The animals have fallen down a well. Cut to the name of God.

Halal and Haram in the personal lives of Muslims.

Food and Drink

Nations and human species have different views about the food and drink what is approved and what is forbidden for them a long time ago. Especially of food of animal origin.

For food and beverage derived from the plant. We humans have very different opinions. Islam does not ban foods derived from plants. Except what is made from fermented liquor as a medium. Whether produced from grapes, dates, granola bars or other objects at any given time. On the condition of spirits Just as Islam forbids the inebriated and unconscious. And harmful to the body, such as drugs, various kinds of foods derived from animals. Various religious and ideological views that differ widely.

Slaughtering animals and meat in various cults.

There are many people who like the Brahmin philosopher and some groups do not sacrifice animals and do not eat meat. And living with a vegetarian diet. This group claimed the killing of animals is a cruel spell. Human action on live animals as well as humans. When live animals No human rights To destroy the lives of animals

However, when we consider the things that Allah created. We find that the animals have not been built for itself. Because it has no intelligence or the right to choose. And we find that Its natural conditions in a manner that was created to serve man. So it's not surprising that humans would benefit from the meat of it after it was slaughtered. Just as humans have benefited from the use of it when it was alive.

We'll find another like it in the creation of Allah, I have put forth a rule. What clan are lower to dedicate ourselves to what the family above. For this reason, the plants are cut into animal feed. And animals will be slaughtered for human food. And, moreover, the same person may have to fight. And sacrificed his life for many people.

The man did not kill the animal, it is that the animals are spared from death and destruction possible. If it is not the victim of another animal, it will die anyway. And it could have been more painful by the sharp knife to kill it quickly.

In the religion of the Jews and Christians, which is based on the Book of God. Allah has forbidden Jews to eat a variety of marine animals. The Quran has also mentioned what Allah hath forbidden the Jews. The punishment for the Jews in the rebellious and sinful are many such verse that.

"And for the Jews We prohibited animals with cloven hooves are not divided into any kind. The cows and goats have forbidden them eat their eggs. Unless stuck on its back or intestines or inserted in the bone. Such as those that We imposed on them because of their transgressions, and we are the true "(Al-An'am: 146).

Perceptions of Arabs before Islam

For the Arabs in pre-Islamic era have banned certain animals as pets dirty and some were considered sacred to be inviolable. And the animal sacrifice devoted to their idol. In contrast, Arabs back to tainted foods such as. The flesh of dead animals, blood and so on.

Islam allows good things are helpful.

While Islam is the presence of the human condition is what it says on the issue of meat consumption among the treated meat, everything was approved. Another section is the meat of any kind is prohibited. So Allah has guided all mankind that.

"O man of God Eat of what is approved by the earth. And follow not the footsteps of the devil subsets. Indeed, it is because your enemy clearly. "(Al Gore Rahman Baba: 168).

Allah calls them as "humanity" to consume food that he had made provision for them on a virtual comparable large dining table. And forbid them not to follow the guidelines of the devil tempted Jesus with the people to dissuade something useful. And it will draw men into the trap of self-destruction. After that Allah has preferred those who have faith, especially that.

"O you who have believed. Eat of the good works We have given you as sustenance. And you give thanks to Allah if you worship Him. In fact, he has only forbidden you only carrion, blood, the flesh of pigs, animals sacrificed in the name of worship other than Allah, so whoever is in critical condition. Without persistent and deliberate non-violation is no sin upon them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and more. Most Merciful "(Al Gore Rahman Baba: 172-173).

This declaration specifically geared to those who have faith only. Allah commanded them to consume a good thing that he had set aside for their sustenance. And give them a sense of His bounty. Then he went on to explain that. He did not forbid them to consumers. The four restaurants mentioned in the above verses. And foods that are mentioned in other verses and verses that speak of the most experienced food is the only four. The commandment of Allah that the eye Douala.

"Say (O Muhammad): I do not find anything that was revealed to me, was forbidden to those who consume it. Unless dead meat Or blood flow Or meat of pigs Indeed, it is because impurities Or animals that emit violate other name of Allah while slaughtering. So a man is in critical condition. Without a persistent and deliberate non-violation. Surely your Lord is forgiving more. Most Merciful "(al-An'am: 145).

In Surah Al-Qaeda's Koran mention these forbidden animals. Details that much more.

"It is forbidden upon you is carrion, blood, the flesh of swine to be slaughtered by the name of worship other than Allah. The animals were strangled The animals were beaten to death Animals that fall from the height of death. The animals were dead Gore The animals were eating wild animals Unless ye slice up And animal sacrifice on the altar stone ... "(Ibn Al-Qaeda: 3).

Foods forbidden is included in the four major types can be classified into ten categories detailed below.

Do not eat carrion, and the reason for the ban.

1. First of forbidden foods that Quran mentions about the meat of the "carcass" That animal. Poultry that die without being killed or hunted by humans. The reason for the ban, it is - flesh eating dead meat is disgusting to the feelings of the common man - Allah is God wants humans to eat what his biggest mistake, or to eat in the animals. dead - If the animals die. It may be that it's because of sudden death or death due to disease outbreaks. Therefore, eating meat, so it may be dangerous - a mercy of Allah, the supply of food to the animals and some birds. Type combinations are similar to humans. This fact is evident from the carcasses of dead animals and the outdoors are many birds came and ate.

Do not eat the blood

2. Secondly, it is prohibited blood.

Asked about Abbas Ibn spleen. He said, "You shall eat it:" They have said. "But it was blood," he said. "If the blood flow is not only for you," The reason for it is forbidden to eat blood. It is offensive to human feelings. And it can be harmful to health as well.


3. The third category is food forbidden pork.

Because pork is the favorite animal of dirt and filth. Moreover, medical research has shown us that eating pork is harmful to health in all weather conditions. Especially in hot weather In addition, scientific findings also show that pork is a pathogen that can cause encephalitis. There are also parasites called trichinosis (TRIPS Chi's) in it.

The animals were devoting to other than Allah.

4. The fourth type is The animals were devoting to things other than Allah.

Which refers to the slaughter of animals sacrificed by the name of other than Allah. The reason for this prohibition It's all about faith. To make the ministry holy Allah. And to combat all forms of worship.

The type of animal carcasses

The above is the meat forbidden four major categories Moreover, the Quran also provides details about the "carcass" Another five categories.

5. strangled Means the animal was strangled with a rope. Or by means of either a choke.

6. who was beaten to death Means the animal was hit by a heavy object or objects to death.

7. falling dead means dead animals because of falls from a height or drop into the valley.

8. The gore death Gore refers to animals being animals to death.

9. The animals eat Means animals being bitten and killed by wild animals thereby.

The reason for banning these foods.

Allah, the Most Merciful Wise Wants to teach people to be kind to animals. And prevent it harmed. Man must not be abandoned until the animal was strangled. Or alternatively falls from a height. Or fight until the horn And must not torture animals by beating them severely as turn Contractors animals. Or bring animals to fight each other until one gives another injured. Or gore one another until death.

The reason for not eating meat is then eaten by wild animals. Maintain the dignity of the human mind. Is Muslim must not stoop to eat the carcasses of animals were wild-caught prey.

The worship of animals sacrificed

10. Meat banned ten types. The animals sacrificed in idol worship. In the pre-Islamic idol in front of the altar is located. And they worshiped the idol to slaughter animals on the podium or close to the podium to make her even closer to their gods.

Fish and grasshoppers are also among the religious ban on animal carcasses.

Islam except fish and whales And other marine life from the "carcass" that the religious ban. When the Prophet Muhammad S.l. was questioned about the sea. He said: "clean sea water. And marine animals died halal "(is approved).

Allah hath said: "Hunting the sea is lawful for you, and it" (Ibn Al-Qaeda: 96).

You Umar explained the term. "Hunting Sea" here refers to marine animals of all kinds, it is said, and the word "meat" means the sea spit out the Ibn Abbas said, "My food is really" is. The Dead Sea Animal species of locusts was no exception in the food sector "carcasses" by the Prophet was allowed to eat animals dead locusts.

The meat must not mentioned Islam prohibits alcohol. What intoxicated and unconscious of all types. Whether large or small. And not used as an ingredient in food.

In cooking ingredients to be cooked must be clean by washing True religion must take what is not Yitzhak. (What religion is considered dirty) away, and the cooking process is clean and accurate. If an animal must be slaughtered according to religious law, and must be washed properly according to religious law.

Content: Books, Halal and Haram in Islam, Sheikh Yusuf al-Germain A. de Garvey.

Illustration: From what is forbidden (Haram) in Islam by Abdullah on the map.

Data Source : The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand