Science Halal: The color of the milk with the judgment Halal haram

Many suspect Why milk or animal milk is white. Before you answer, you should know that. Colors that the human eye can see, is the wavelength of the light reflected from the object. When light is composed of many different wavelengths falling objects. If an object absorbs different wavelengths By allowing the 495-570 nm wavelength to be reflected. The human eye to see objects that are green. To see other colors depending on the wavelength of the reflected as well.

If that does not reflect any waves at all. Eyes to see objects that are black. If all the reflected wavelengths the human eye can see is the white wavelengths of milk each wavelength is reflected . Thus, human milk is white. The next question is material that reflects all wavelengths in the milk out.

Milk contains a molecule of water, chemicals and many others. Molecular amount of large molecules such as proteins and fat molecules with other molecules a particle size emulsion called. Normally, water molecules and fat combination is not. Some require special molecules to bind to fat molecules to bind to the water. This special molecule called "Emulsifier".

Oil suspended in the water with each other . The pellet is suspended in this so-called emulsion . There are many kinds of molecules that act as an emulsifier Qualifier such as phospholipids , lipids and fatty acid salt.

There are elements in milk, oil, not less. Those include the oil emulsifier Qualifier in milk before it is suspended in water emulsions with larger molecular complex reflects all wavelengths of incident light into the eye. Milk is white Another group, the larger molecules can reflect all wavelengths out of casein, a protein in milk. White milk is the result of casein and milk fat emulsion.

slamic law in the milk of animals that are haraam, or prohibited animals with a haraam . Feeding animals is haraam in Jihad or dirt.

f emulsifier extracted from the milk of animals Qualifier haraam. Emulsifier Qualifier extracted whether the substance phospho lipids, or salts of fatty acids that have a chemical structure not unlike emulsifier Qualifier extracted from the milk of animals hard. Lal Constitutes a condition of a Jihad or haraam things as well. To diagnose the condition, it must be halal or haraam, regardless of origin. It means considering the chemical structure is not.

Diagnosis Halal Haraam in using the so-called "science supports religion guaranteed" by the scientists to examine the documents or the lab or in some other way make the conclusion that the substance originated from. Islamic scholars have concluded that the halal or haraam. The decision, therefore, is a major Islamic scholars. Scientists act as witnesses.

n the standard when judging Halal haraam is Islamic . The referee has to be a Muslim under Islamic organizations . The witness must be a Muslim at the same time.

Credit :, Dr.Winai Dahlan