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Keep Calm And Eat Halal

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Eat Well Stay Well.

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Integrate Halal to Food Safety.

Halal Food Standards

Information from this website refers to Asean General Guidelines On The Preparation And Handling Of Halal Food, FOOD  HANDLING  PUBLICATION  SERIES  No.1 and the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.

Halal Certification Process

A processed food is “halal” if it meets the following conditions:. the product or its ingredients does not contain any components or products of animals that are unlawful by Shariah Law or animals that are not slaughtered according to Shariah Law;


The difference between Halal Food standards and Non Halal Food standards

Halal Food Production Guidelines

Database Information System

Database security halal food . A mere compilation of data from various sources . To disseminate information and useful to users.


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